3DLOOK is the global leader in AI-first mobile body scanning solutions enabling brands to virtually replace the entire in-store fitting room experience. In 2023 3Dlook launched Mobile Tailor 2.0, a user-friendly SaaS product allowing businesses to digitally measure customers’ bodies for personalised experiences. Mobile Tailor 2.0 aims to revolutionise the digital made-to-measure industry by reducing remake and alteration costs significantly. It can enhance customer loyalty by up to 67 percent and diminish the manual measurement process. Additionally it can decrease product returns by 6-10 percent for traditional fashion e-commerce businesses.


3DLOOK is on a mission to reshape the future of fashion with innovation at its core. The company equips the industry with advanced tools to cut waste and champion a greener footprint. By tackling the challenges of size, fit, and high return rates, 3DLOOK is not just enhancing business efficiency—it’s spearheading a movement towards sustainable manufacturing and conscious consumption. The vision is to transform fashion into a beacon of positive environmental action, altering perceptions and leading the charge towards a more responsible future for all.



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