Procurement Specialist

We are looking to hire an experienced supply chain position, to lead changes in supply chain, that is now covered with Contract Manufacturer. To grow expertise inside the company and negotiate better pricing and payment terms with suppliers. Control servicing level and components quality. Develop alternative suppliers to secure sustainability in supply.


  • Develop new supplier for electronic, mechanical and other components.
  • Know the market for all parts on BOM and their alternatives and negotiate with suppliers costs lower that average on the market.
  • Closely monitor the services, quality, prices and credibility of suppliers, review their performance quarterly and act to maintain their level, if they are falling below minimum requirements.
  • Evaluate and develop supplier base to ensure capable back up suppliers are qualified and ready to support business.
  • Evaluate and approve sources of supply with support and involvement of quality and engineering teams.
  • Communicate and follow up with suppliers regarding engineering changes and quality issues.
  • PO placement for components, shipments follow up.
  • Payment conditions negotiation to get at least NET 60 Days.


  • More than 2 years’ experience in purchasing, sourcing electronic, electrical and mechanical components, with proven track record of achievements.
  • Strong sourcing network in Asia and China and good relationship with suppliers.
  • Technical understanding of PCBA, mechanical, micro electronics, metal, and plastic parts and components.
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin.
  • Know how to manage supply chain in parallel with Contract Manufacturer.
  • Proven attitude at work to be the best supply chain manager; Strive to constantly offer improvements to drive efficiency of supply chain.


  • Great compensation package based on your experience and company-wide benefits.
  • A multicultural work environment with communication between Kyiv, San Francisco, and Shenzhen offices.
  • A team of 60+ professionals and 20+ pets all of whom you will be excited to see every time you come to the office.
  • A demanding and satisfying startup environment that facilitates rapid personal growth, fueled by a fusion of Silicon Valley Engineering culture and founding team’s work ethics.
  • Flexible Hours – people expected to be in the office for certain hours every day, but no one counts your time and never will. We only work with people who are excited and take pride in the work they do.
  • New gear. We provide you with all the equipment you need to work comfortably and efficiently, from new laptops to standing desks.

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