We invest in local teams who dare to build global companies


Petcube is reimagining pet care, and makes the best-selling pet cameras and software, connecting people to their pets. Our products enable people to see, talk, play, and treat pets remotely while keeping them safe and healthy.


Sixa is a cloud-computing company, which lets the users on-demand access to a personal virtual computer. Sixa has been backed by world’s leading startup accelerator Y Combinator. Now Sixa is used by more than 20,000 developers across the globe.


eTachki is online used car marketplace that matches consumers need for a simple, hassle-free car sale and dealers need for a large inventory of inspected and verified vehicles.


.io analytics is a data delivery platform for media and online retail companies that provides every team member with relevant data for making everyday decisions.


Rallyware - intelligent workforce engagement solutions that drive sales, recruiting, on-boarding, training, and participation in organizational activities.


YouTeam is a marketplace for hiring tech talent from software development firms.


3DLook is an innovative solution for apparel retail and e-commerce that uses proprietary body measuring technology to make a perfect size and fit recommendations to consumers.


A furniture manufacturer and e-commerce platform that enables customers to customize its furniture

Turnkey Lender

Turnkey Lender - a “turnkey” software for automation of all stages of a loan life cycle – from loan application processing and underwriting to collection and portfolio reporting.